Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Found Images

Arnold Genthe. Portrait of Elsie Ferguson

Edward Weston. Siebyl Anikeeff

Margaret Julia Cameron

Albert Sands Southworth & Josiah Johnson Hawes

Albert Sands Southworth & Josiah Johnson Hawes

Frank Eugene "The pearl"

Ruth St. Denis

*inspired by Mickel Kalalo 's vintage photo album on Facebook "All About Eve"


Stéphane Malingue said...


Poesis said...

So beautiful... I'm particularly drawn to "Albert Sands Southworth & Josiah Johnson Hawes." Love the music as well. Thank you for another lovely post. :-)

~M~ said...

Thank you!

Yes, those two photographs by Albert Sands Southworth & Josiah Johnson Hawes seem to have more stories and character than others, and perhaps a little more complex too.

Ingridcr8s said...

I found your site from Poetic Oneiris...I'm so taken by your beautiful site. I've enjoyed this post greatly, the photos are lovely, especially the Lillian Gish and the female wearing the beaded gown...stunning. Thanks :)

cathysmith07 said...

I was so wowed by those great portraits i congratulate you for this great post!