Saturday, 28 November 2009

Yehudi Menuhin plays Mozart 1967


Gabbi said...

Beautiful videos dear Michiko!! I missed your posts... forget Facebook and move to blogger please.

Lots of love and wishes for a lovely weekend sent your way.xo

Poesis said...

Such wonderful finds of an incredibly gorgeous piece - Menuhin is so cute there too, lol! You are a true Mozartian. :) I can feel your love for his music from many videos you've shared (there is always this brightness or clarity about the pieces you've chosen).

Hope all well and life is not too hectic or stressful... xoxo

~M~ said...

Dear Gabbi,
Thanks so much! It's great to hear from you, and I'm so glad you enjoyed the videos, as I kind of posted them here for myself lol
I'm not on Facebook much either these days, but I'm thinking to start blogging again soon :)
Hope you're having a lovely weekend too, much love, xoxo

~M~ said...

Thank you Ting-Jen, it's always wonderful to receive comments from you.
I feel honored I am called "a true Mozartian"(coming from you especially), only thing I knew was that I love his music so much, had no idea the pieces I've chosen could tell something about myself :)

Betsy said...

Welcome Back Michiko. Missed you!

Love, Betsy.