Friday, 24 October 2008

Vintage Color Photos of US cities

My recent finds...

Vintage Color Photos of US cities

'It Ain't Necessarily So' by Miles Davis


Gabbi said...

about to go to sleep when i thought to check your blog really quick and what a nice surprise! splendid old photographs, especially the ones of new york, i love that it still looks like that i think, only with more people and newer cars of course :) also the one of the shop sign of what looks like a little bear, the colors of the womens dresses are great.

your song is perfect, 'porgy and bess' has some of my favorite songs. i hope to one day see the jazz opera performed live...

Lobster and swan said...

I love these pictures. Thanks for stopping by and sating hello : )

the asherette said...

great photos. i love the colors.

Mila said...

Hmm....such lovely pictures! <3
I've always had a huge weakness for old things, old pictures and history in general.
Sometimes i wish i could live in the history just for a week or so..



Thanks so much for the sweetest comments you left on my blog. It means a lot to me!

michiko said...

Gabbi : Thank you! I was so haapy when I found these photos the other day :) They look so real and unreal at the same time.
Glad you like the song, I've heard many different versions of 'It ain't necessarily so', in songs and in jazz instrumental. I hope to listen to all the songs in 'porgy and bess' someday, and also to see the jazz opera performed live :)

Lobster and swan : Thank you and you're welcome. Your blog is absolutely beautiful.

The Ashrette : The colours are great, isn't it? Thank you asherette :)

Mila : I feel the same! I just can't get enough of vintage photos. Well, vintage everything really.
You are very welcome Mila, your posts are great source of inspiration.

mothersvea said...

wow i love theese ones...very cute!

michiko said...

Thanks! :)

rie said...


michiko said...


[Tara] said...

I just discovered your blog -- you have so many beautiful images!

[Tara] said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the color in early color photography; they have such a vibrant, yet eerie mood..